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Focus on lowering your energy bill In 2020 with these three tricks

We’ve celebrated another Christmas in Delaware County, but that only means that the worst of winter is likely to come with the New Year. Heating is going to be necessary if you want to stay warm, and after that, once the summers arrive, it’s all about air conditioning to keep you and your electronics warm.

We all have energy bills to pay every month, but there are ways to take a few bucks off by being more effective at how you heat and cool your house.

Attach Windows Curtains or Linens

Curtains and drapes are not only decorative pieces that make your home look better, they can also help lower your energy bills.
In winter, particularly during the daylight hours, you want to leave your windows open to sunlight, as it will heat your home and actually help your furnace to keep the temperature down.

However, this will become a concern during the summer. It’s not just the heat from the buildings that makes New York so hot, the glass can accept heat — and even magnify it — once it reaches the buildings. And the open windows in the summer are potentially making your house hotter than ever before, and that means that your AC system needs to work harder, too. You may mitigate this by using curtains, drapes or blinds with issue windows that get the most sunshine at certain times of the day.

Get the Duct Leaks Fix

If you own a townhouse or a separate home in Pennsylvania, you have one choice of home ownership that most people don’t have, and that’s testing the state of your air ducts.

The most powerful type of modern central HVAC system uses air ducts to transport both hot and cold air in the house. Nevertheless, the ducts are just tubing, which means that cracks and other structural defects will inevitably occur.
Let an professional come down to take a look at your HVAC system and the ductwork. If they detect any leaks, they will seal them, which will restore productivity to your heating and cooling, resulting in lower bills and preventing any minor issues from developing into bigger, more costly HVAC crises at a later date.

Get your new thermostat

If you were raised to be thrifty, then getting a new thermostat when the old one is working just fine might seem like a waste. In fact, if your home is still using an older thermostat, particularly if it’s so old, it’s not even digital, so you could be wasting money because of inefficiency.

New thermostats, even on the low end, are now programmable, so you can schedule your heating or cooling to different times of the day, such as automatically shutting off the heat at bedtime while you’re in bed anyway.

High-end “smart” thermostats are the rage these days, and these tools will monitor your living habits, and then automatically change climate control based on your day-to-day operation. They can even be worked on your phone!

A lot of people in Delaware County, PA have a traditional, hectic, lifestyle that can make it easy to avoid paying attention to how you use your utilities. But every dollar counts, so if you’re a little more mindful of how your heating and cooling costs are going, you can be more effective and save more money!

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