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The Fence About Having a Boiler? 6 facts that can help you make your decision

Pennsylvania is having it all, and that includes some cold winters that can keep you snuggled up at home or want to throw on an extra sweater at work.
But there are modern heating systems that can keep you warm no matter how cold it is outside, and the older technology known as boilers is still viable! There are six facts here to clarify why.

Hot Water Difference

The most common method of heating today is a gas-fired furnace. Natural gas is burned, the air is heated up in the furnace, and the ventilators pipe the air into the spaces, force out the cold air and cover it with the hot air of the furnace.
Boiler systems are operating a little differently. When electricity or gas is used for heat, it is the water that warms up, then sends through the pipes to the rooms where the heat naturally radiates, heats the air within the room, rather than replaces it.

There’s no need to hit the boiling point

Many boilers in industrial settings do heat water all the way up to the boiling point in order to vaporize it into steam.
At the general stage of the user, however, this is overkill. With today’s technology, boilers can hit around 140 ° C, and that’s enough to keep the room warm.

No Extra Humidity

When air-based heating, such as furnaces, drys out the air, will water-based heating sources add moisture, such as a humidifier? The response is “no!” “The well-functioning radiator keeps the water securely enclosed, and there is no contact with the air at all, only the heat is released, not the moisture.
However, if the device fails, condensation or humidity can be a matter of concern.

Enhances a Property

When a home or office has heating systems that are 20 years or older, improvements to a new boiler may seem expensive.
However, the initial cost is offset as a great long-term investment. You will quickly see lower expenses, due to improved results, but you will add value to your property and your resale appeal as well.

Pressure is important

Some people are swearing by the strength of their showers. If the pressure isn’t high, the shower isn’t fine, and the boilers are the same way.
When the pressure on the boilers is too low, this affects how effective the heating can be. Low pressure may also be a sign of a leak somewhere, so it’s never a positive thing.

Boost of performance

A good quality boiler is approximately 90% effective, but its flexibility is where the boilers shine. They’re quieter than the furnaces because they don’t need fans.
They’re better, too, because they’re not blowing dust around. But importantly, boilers may be selective about which rooms to heat up.
So if you just want to heat the bedrooms while people sleep, you can save money that way, while the oven has to heat up the whole house once it’s turned on.

There are a lot of old buildings in Delaware County, PA, and a number of them are due for renovation in the HVAC department. When you’re looking for an effective heating option and don’t want to install air ducts in your house, look at the boilers as an option!

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