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Tips to reduce your bill on air conditioning this summer

Summertime, it’s easy to live. The living thing is hot, sweaty, too, and at this time it can get a little uncomfortable in the land below. This means that your bill for air conditioning could rise without you realizing it. Energy consumption can rise just like the temperature at noon. However, there are some very simple and effective tips to reduce your bill for air conditioning during the summer period and to keep the indoor environment comfortable. Applying these tips will help you keep cool when the bills roll in.

Turn off at night and save while you’re sleeping

This money-saving tip is as clear as day and night! Keep the air conditioning on during the day and off at night. The rationale is simple. First, the evening air is naturally cooler, so you can take advantage of it by turning off the air conditioning and opening the window. You might even get a gentle breeze to cool things down.

Thermostats and timers

When it comes to energy consumption and lowering your bill for air conditioning during the summer, every degree matters!
To really help reduce your energy bill, consider the built-in timer thermostat, so you’re not just setting the temperature, but setting the hours of operation for maximum energy efficiency. It makes sense to have a system that does it for you automatically, so that you can set and forget. And save it, of course.

Get shady and shut out the sun

By closing windows, blinds, shutters or sheets, you’ll keep the hot air and the sun’s rays out, so that your air conditioning doesn’t have to run all the time to maintain the optimum temperature. Heat absorption can be drastically reduced if your windows have a strong defense line. Even tinted windows can stop some of the sun’s heat from entering your air-conditioned sanctuary, and your unit won’t have to work that hard.
Do you want some more ways to throw shade and reduce bills for air conditioning? Consider Mother Nature’s original maker of shade – trees. Plant trees, vines or shrubs that can add a defensive line of shade to the house – consider the walls and roofs as well as the windows.

Turn off the heat-emitting culprits

The TV, the computer, the printer, the corner lamp, the kitchen oven … all these household essentials generate heat buckets and force your air conditioner to work harder to keep the temperature under control. Turn them off and you’ll save money on the energy consumption of your air conditioning right away!

Are you game to unplug? Can you turn off TV or other appliances? These phones, computers and printers emit a lot of heat which can make your air conditioner more difficult to operate. Who knows, it can even help bring the art of conversation back (or maybe spark a family mutiny!).

Keep it clean and keep costs down

Here’s one more cool trick to lower your summer air conditioning bill. Ensure that the air conditioning maintenance is scheduled regularly, and the filter is either replaced or cleaned for maximum performance. A dirty filter makes any air conditioning unit harder to operate, which means more power and higher energy costs!

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