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What you need to know about hydro jetting

Recurring clogs and sluggish drains are irritating to the point. Such a condition not only contributes to sewage flooding, but it can also potentially contaminate the water supply in the house. If you’re having regular issues with this, it’s a good idea to talk to your landlord and try out some smart pipe cleaning solutions. A solution like that is hydro jetting. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro Jetting is a non-invasive plumbing solution which effectively clears pipes by removing blockages. This requires the use of water jets with high pressure which can clear debris, clogs and accumulation from the plumbing system. Rodding was the only remedy in the past in which plumbers filled a hole through the accumulation. Hydro-jetting, however, is now more prevalent among plumbers.

You’ll need to share your information with a reputable firm before the process begins. They will inspect your plumbing system and evaluate drain problems to understand whether hydro jetting is required.

All plumber has to do after the inspection is find the perfect place to insert a hose and start pumping the water. Because the hose is extremely robust, it can fire about 20 gallons of water a minute, or 5,000 psi. This high pressure of water would cause the material that blocks the pipes to flow into the sewage network. If the pipe has grease or mineral build-up, hydro jetting is going to take care of it.

Certain solutions include devices such as plungers and plumbing snakes, which are not as safe as hydro jetting. These devices do not eliminate potential blockages, but do only remove clogs temporarily. They drive the waste deeper into the lines of plumbing, exacerbating the problem.

When is it needed, then?

Plumbers prefer hydrojetting when the water system is damaged by severe clogging that continues to recur. The inside of the pipes is often filled with debris, grease and mineral build-up, which causes clogging and slow draining. When this issue escalates, it can lead to sewer backups. So if the plumbing system blocks, dirty water can make its way to your home.

Hydrojetting solves such drain problems by pumping high-pressure water in the pipes. The jet works with gravity and forces the pipes to clear.

The indicator that you may need hydro jetting includes a smelly kitchen sink that is repeatedly clogged. A plumber can help to eradicate the obstructions in your pipes and allow you to live peacefully. However, you may need to talk to your landlord about the possibility of an inspection, which should tell you whether hydro jetting can be a solution.

Hydro jetting risks

Hydro jetting is not for amateur plumbers. Moreover, depending on the situation of the pipes, it may not be effective at all. Rushing into a hydro jetting solution may make the situation worse if it wasn’t needed in the first place, so be careful before you choose to do so.

The process of hydrojetting involves the flow of a lot of water under high pressure. This process involves a high risk, which is why landlords should only hire experienced plumbers. After all, the last thing you want is someone to experiment with your plumbing system and improve the damage.

Hydrojetting is a bad idea if the pipes are damaged due to root infestation. The high water pressure will only further damage the pipes. Apart from that, hydro jetting will also not work if the waterproof coating of the pipe is compromised.

Before embarking on a hydro jetting journey, make sure the plumber inspects the pipes thoroughly. Visual inspection of the plumbing system by means of video camera equipment is essential. This will help you make the most of your choice and prevent further damage to the plumbing system.

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